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Forty years ago, George Rossiter decided he didn’t want to be a doctor like both his parents, or a fast-track business whiz like most of his friends. He wanted to build boats. And stubbornly, that’s what he did. He started out building wooden row boats – not the little punts that others did but sleek, streamlined boats, through which a person could find both fitness and peace. George went on to study Marine Architecture and the boats evolved into the ultimate in style and function. From the original wooden boats he moved to fiberglass for the hull and teak to accent the topsides and interiors. He built hydrodynamic, smooth-in-the water boats. And he added created innovations that others have since tried to copy.

He built his boats by hand and sold them one at a time. Slowly, over the years, more and more Rossiter boats found their way on to waterways across the continent and around the world. And people came to recognize and trust them for their quality, performance and craftsmanship.

Two decades ago, Scott Hanson had a dream. He left big business and he and his wife Cindy moved to Kennebunkport, Maine where he enrolled in the celebrated Landing School of Boat Building and Design. There he learned the most up-to-date design and building techniques. Scott graduated with honors in Yacht Design and Boat Building.

In 2007 George and Scott met and a new chapter in the Rossiter story began. Scott and Cindy bought Rossiter Boats assuring George that his legacy was in capable hands. Under Scott’s direction, Rossiter quickly outgrew the original shop and the business moved to a modern, state-of-the-art plant where the tradition of craftsmanship continues – still one boat at a time.

George’s fiberglass rowboat, the Loudon, was and continues to be our most popular rowing boat. Over the years we have added the Whitehall designs, the Pocket Skiff, Tenders and the Wee Skiff to our line up. And we purchased the production rights and enhanced the molds for the popular Laser Sport Shell.

Encouraged by Rossiter rowing enthusiasts and his cottage friends, George designed his first power boat over ten years ago – the Rossiter 14 – with all the innovation and skill he had brought to all his boats and everyone who has driven one agrees, “It really is a Rossiter.”

This success lead customers and dealers to encourage Scott to continue to design larger outboards. So, after listening to boaters’ needs and wish lists and painstakingly reviewing all the competitors’ offerings, Scott used his knowledge and skill, worked with the best boat designers, the latest computer-enhanced design and 3D modelling first launching the Rossiter 17 Classic Closed Deck Runabout and Center Console in 2011 and soon after the Rossiter 23 Classic Day Boat, our most sophisticated power boat yet. And with each new model, the response is always, “It really is a Rossiter.”

So now, with Scott firmly at the helm, Rossiter has entered a new era. Our rowing and power boats can be found on both sides of the Atlantic, from coast to coast and from the Great Lakes to the Gulf where they are instantly accorded top-of-the-line status in quality, fit and performance at boats shows and out on the water.

With our always expanding dealer network in place and owner accolades every time a boat is delivered, the tradition continues.

“I had a great time rowing her around Baltimore’s harbour. She consistently attracts approving nods and waves from captains of beautiful yachts… ‘Dreamboat’ performs admirably in a variety of wind-sea combinations. With increasing strength, stamina and calluses, I’m itching to broaden my range by breaking out into Chesapeake Bay and beyond. Thanks for making such a sweet little boat.” Loudon Owner

“We love the boat, it has exceeded our expectations. Fishing off the Cliffs in Gay Head, handles wonderfully. Just what we wanted for the Vineyard.” Rossiter 17CC Owner



We’ll be at the Newport International Boat Show
September 14 – 17 and the  Norwalk Boat Show September 21 – 24 in Norwalk, CT