Fine ends and more deadrise angle below the water, providing improved tracking, speed and glide between strokes

Three sets of bronze oarlocks for single or double rowing

Two adjustable teak seats to accommodate children and adults alike

Adjustable teak footrests for short and long legs

Unsinkable level flotation

Non-skid floor

All stainless steel fasteners



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7'6" or 8' Sitka Spruce spoon blade oars

Teak deck, rub rails and in-wales or fiberglass deck

Choice of colors for hull and boot stripe

Custom seat cushions

Lines & fenders

Custom name

Ramp cradles

Custom-fitted Sunbrella cover

Drop-in sliding seat

Loudon Rowboat

For close to 40 years we have focused on building better rowing boats. Reflecting on a lifetime of personal rowing experience, every effort has been made to produce a rowboat of the the highest quality and performance, making rowing accessible, fun and exciting for all ages and stages. Whether you opt for teak or fiberglass decks, your Loudon will be made to the highest standards with features just not found in other family row boats.With three oarlock positions, adjustable teak seats and footrests, the Loudon offers you the flexibility to row single or double, and if you wish, you can even take along a couple of passengers to do a little fishing. Whether you’re alone or taking the family along, the Loudon’s fine ends offer improved tracking, increased speed and glide, not to mention stability in a cross wind and overall seaworthiness in calm or rough water.

The Loudon’s double hull, hand-laid fiberglass lapstrake design and construction also provide positive buoyancy, and the flat, non-skid floor makes it very friendly to get in and out. As with all Rossiter Boats, our Loudons are built for each individual customer and, as such, you can choose from a range of color combinations to match your tastes. You also have the option of Kevlar if you would like something a little lighter.

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“I must thank you for designing and building a beautiful boat. I have now become used to the compliments and approving looks as I glide by. I keep my Loudon at Fisherman’s Cove, West Vancouver, which offers a variety of sea conditions, from flat calm to six foot waves. The Loudon is remarkably dry and tracks extremely well. A friend mentioned that the boat has the grace of a canoe and the sea keeping abilities of a dory. Thank you again.”  – Loudon Owner

“The Loudon is performing beautifully and continues to look wonderful. It is a work of art.” – Loudon Owner



We’ll be at the Newport International Boat Show
September 14 – 17 and the  Norwalk Boat Show September 21 – 24 in Norwalk, CT