The Rossiter Story

History In The Making

As we enter our 48th year of building boats for customers, from coast-to-coast and from the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico, Rossiter is proud to be more than just another boat company. Rossiter is known for combining distinct heritage brand design details with top quality construction, and superior marine engineering.

Rossiter evokes a nostalgia for classic boating through design while at the same time providing a superior ride quality and reliability that brings peace of mind whether you are navigating coastal waterways, the Great Lakes or rivers.

On behalf of our Rossiter family and all our retail partners, we want to extend our sincerest gratitude to you for trusting us with your boating needs and family time. It’s a responsibility we will always respect.

Quality Control

There is value to building boats using leading-edge materials and technology, but at the same time, doing so in a traditional way. One at a time, by hand, each and every day.

Rossiter continues to add dealers throughout North America whose eye for quality and commitment to customer service align with the values of Rossiter.

Quality. Performance. Heritage.

To truly understand the origins of our steadfast commitment to quality and design, you need to go back to 1974. That’s when boat builder George Rossiter started handcrafting original, wooden boats out of his deep love and profound respect for designers of boats from Florida to New England and into the Great Lakes. Even after Rossiter Boats migrated to 100% fiberglass construction in the 80’s, we have continued to maintain that same level of craftsmanship and performance, while never sacrificing quality.

Many Rossiter powerboat hulls remain in the mold for up to one week during the layup process to allow for complete curing of the hull and provide a stable, durable finished product.

Another exclusive Rossiter feature is our hull, grid stringer system and liner-deck construction. There is great value in using the latest and most technologically advanced materials available, and we do. But there is also value in building a boat the traditional way – one at a time, by hand, each and every day. Tooling, 3-D modeling, hi-tech composite materials from Kevlar to closed cell structural engineered foam, optimizing the strength-to-weight ratio, using stitched mat fabrics rather than woven roving for lighter, stronger hulls, barrier coating to greatly enhance the life and vibrancy of the custom gel-coat and to reduce osmotic blistering, higher pigmentation levels in our gel coat, etc. All these details make for a longer lasting and more beautiful vessel, even in the harshest marine environments. That, coupled with our attention to balancing fixed and variable weights all contribute to the renowned smooth, quiet and efficient ride that comes with every Rossiter boat.

In the last 15 years these sleek, stylish crafts have evolved and expanded into a line of boats that offer the ultimate in style and function, thanks to our talented staff, consulting designers and engineers. Today, our rowing and powerboats can be found in lakes and coastal waters throughout the United States and Canada.